The Value of Being the Musical Enigma: The Weeknd

Recognize him?  Most people don’t.  But if you follow rap/R&B you definitely know his name… He’s The Weeknd.  He’s a beautifully-voiced singer named Abel Tesfaye from Toronto who delves into the darkness of drugs and women with incredibly eclectic production.  Example A:

He’s released three critically acclaimed mixtapes (AKA free albums) to fans and his buzz is growing exponentially…

Exponentially is just hyperbole right?

Well, not when the top rapper in the game right now (Drake) is aligning himself with you and featuring you on his newest album:

Annnnd when he’s apparently already turned down a $7 million dollar record deal.  I come to wonder when I see that number……. how much of that has to do with the insatiable fans he’s created by being such an enigma.

With the internet making people superstars, he’s done an amazing job of becoming a star by not really existing on it except in grainy interviews and old studio videos.  He has ZERO music videos online.  He has ZERO interviews.  No one really knows anything about him and one has to wonder if half the buzz isn’t from fans just trying to figure out more about him.  This is the best interview video you can find, and he doesn’t even turn around:

This is the best video of him (in terms of actually being able to see him) on the internet and it’s from 2008… and it’s a cell phone video from a bus of him singing “happy birthday” to someone:

With all of this buzz and the lack of info on him, I hope he cashes in. Half of me can’t help but wonder if he’s going to become less interesting once he hits it big time… Or if he’s always going to play himself as an enigma like Prince.

He’s got the talent… He’s created an immense amount of value…  I’m looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.


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