The Future of the West Coast?

The west coast has been down for a bit on rap ever since Game’s fame has waned.  Still a very strong and traditional area for rappers (Los Angeles), we’ve seen the rise of two Los Angeles-based rappers.  One is notable now and one represents hope for the future.

The “hot” rapper now is Tyga.  Frest off his mainstream label album debut, his song “Rack City” remains one of the hottest in the country.  Devotees of this blog may remember my mention of him from the last post as he’s signed to Young Money.  How long his buzz will last will be fun to follow, but for now he’s got the clubs blasting his song:

Tyga embodies the current LA movement.  While his acclaim is exciting for the LA natives, the one that everyone out there is really excited about is a kid named Kendrick Lamar.  Hand-picked protege of West Coast God Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar is much more old school in terms of being one of the most “lyrical” young rappers out.  While most of the game has moved towards selling image (it always has, but even moreso), Kendrick scares other rappers by being able to make amazing songs but also having the ability to destroy them on a song.  Even notched a feature on Drake’s last album for his troubles.

Last week he released his debut single “The Recipe” featuring Dr. Dre (who he quite obviously wrote for on the song) and I’m in love with it:

For those rap fans who read this blog (particularly from the West Coast), what do you think of Tyga? Of Kendrick Lamar? How do you see their careers playing out?


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