Kanye West: The New Age Rock Star

Times have changed pretty drastically since hair bands were completely trashing hotel rooms, doing copious amounts of drugs, and having sex with everything that moves.  Well maybe only the first thing has really changed… but it seems that many of the most popular artists these days are tame by comparison and much less personally destructive.

Where property destruction and lawlessness was the modus operandi of the most on-edge musicians 30 years ago… today it seems to be more of just acting like an asshole in general.

No one seems to be more of a king at acting like an asshole (and most importantly, getting away with it), than Kanye West.  His ego is… quite remarkable.  May I present a compilation:

Quite the collection, no?  99.999999% of people could not get away with acting like this and still be wildly liked.  For that reason… Kanye is the new age rock star.

So why can he get away with this?


Because Kanye is really, really, really good at what he does.  There are just so few musicians that are as advanced and talented as Kanye West right now.

So just like rock stars of the past and many of the celebrities we enjoy, we’ll let his negatives slide because he’s a once-in-a-generation talent.  Many people still hate him and can’t get over how arrogant/egotistical he is (and South Park famously mocked him for this), but in the end we don’t care about every time he jumps on stage and upstages Taylor Swift as long as every album he makes continues to be as high quality as every album he’s ever made.

I salute Kanye as the true embodiment of the 2012 rock star.  While he’s different than those of 30 years ago, he fits the culture as the best example of what a rock star is these days…  The best way to characterize it:


Kanye West can sell out a stadium full of people who openly admit his ego is completely out of control…

… and no one minds once the show starts.


What do you think of Kanye’s stance in pop culture today?  Do you agree with my points or disagree?


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  1. Oh Kanye, how you entertain me with your abnormally large ego. How you don’t get crushed under the weight of it I’ll never know. But in all seriousness, there is a Kanye defense, and it’s in your title: new age. We now live in an age where Kayne West is given a limitless platform that far exceeds his lyrics. Instead, we now have Kayne Unilimited. Between Twitter, constant interviews, events (drunk at the Grammies anyone?), and those pesky paparazzi, Kanye is required to be Kanye, because otherwise he’d have to pretend to be stand-up guy 24-7, and I’m sure that it would be exhausting.

    So in summation, I would like to say Kanye’s tude may be understandable. Who knows? Even Shakespeare could have been a totally d-bag. And no, before you ask, Kanye does not equal Shakespeare.

  2. I would disagree that Kanye is a “one-in-a-generation talent.” Popularity or notoriety does not equal talent.

    Moreover, I think that a lot of people – just walking around any city in America and especially on TV – have that same type of self-important attitude and unjustifiably inflated ego. A significant portion of the population DOES actually walk around acting like that and gets away with it. It is for this very reason that Kanye maintains his popularity: people love to see ridiculous caricatures of themselves preening on television. In my opinion, it’s not the talent.

  3. cameronellis88

    Alex, I totally agree with your points. I don’t think he could ever start acting normal because in addition to going to the show for his music, I am sure people are going to see what crazy thing he is going to say next. It would be interesting to see how his music sells after he acts like an idiot. Does his “interesting” personality in addition to his talent actually help him sell music?

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